Vidir Sigurdsson ÍKS


Vidir Sigurdsson has worked as a cinematographer for the past twenty years in this country and abroad. His feature films are: In tune with the time (Director Agust Gudmundsson), Cold Trail (Director Björn Br. Björnsson), December (Director Hilmar Oddsson) Avaxtakarfan (Director Saevar Gudmundsson) and Our Own Oslo (Director Reynir Lyngdal). Vidir has also shot the TV series; Yesterday (Director Hilmar Oddsson), Venni Paer (Director Saevar Guðmundsson) Man hunt (Director Björn Br. Björnsson), Astridur 2 (Director Silja Hauksdottir), The Cliff (Director Reynir Lyngdal) and The Lava (Director Reynir Lyngdal). In addition, he has shot hundreds of television commercials, documentaries and music videos. Vidir was nominated for Edda awards for cinematography on Cold Trail.